It snowed but mum missed it

As I was readying myself for the daily trip into Farnham this morning it started snowing. I was going to call out to mum because it’s something she’s wanted to see but, unfortunately, she was in the shower at the time. Instead, I asked Mirinda to tell her.

By the time I had reached the end of our road the snow had stopped and by the time I reached Farnham most of it had vanished from the ground. I wondered whether mum had actually seen it or if she’d been in the bathroom for the whole thing.

While the snow didn’t hang around the grey clouds that had delivered it certainly did. It was a gloomy old day and cold with it. We decided to head over to Chawton after lunch to visit Jane’s house.

When we’d taken mum to the village the house hadn’t been open and we thought she’d like to see inside. Which she did. So we did.

Deciding to get her money’s worth, mum managed to read everything there was to read (there was a lot) and peer into every nook and cranny…including the kitchen.


Then, of course, she had to spend an hour in the gift shop before we retrieved Max for the short drive over to the Holly Bush.

This pub was where we spent quite a lot of time during the Year of the Extension, given we were living a short walk away.


A pint and we were off home in time for me to cook this week’s roast…which was lamb.

Oh, and though mum didn’t see any snow falling, she did see a few flakes clumped together on the path.

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