Reindeer rodeo and inconsiderate fireworks

I had an Alton Talking Newspaper today which means an early walk for the dogs. In fact I’m amazed they haven’t worked that out yet.

Most days we go for our walk after lunch. They’re always ready for it. The moment I turn the TV off, they start getting restless. A moment earlier they’d been sound asleep but with the silence of the TV comes the squeaking of the dogs.

There’s none of that when we go early. I collect my wellies and they start getting excited and we go for our walk. I’m just amazed they haven’t worked it out.

Mind you, they make up for it on the actual walk…which is really a misnomer. Okay, Day-z does little more than walk these days but the other two don’t appear to know how to walk.


Eventually it was time to head off for the studio. Though quite grey, there didn’t appear to be any chance of rain.


Naturally I stopped off at Starbucks where 11 stockings have appeared, hanging from the bar. Each one has the name of a barista on it. And I know all of them. The baristas rather than the stockings. I’m thinking of buying a little Secret Santa gift and popping it into one of them. Now…which one?


The recording went well. I had two men and a woman on my team today. The woman, Liz, told us how, when she was leaving home, she exclaimed:

“Oh, Gary’s presenting. He’s always fun!”

Her husband looked up, surprised and said something like “Oh, yes?”

She just giggled mysteriously and raced out the door.

(I may have made that last sentence up.)

Actually Liz is responsible for the title of today’s post. She had a piece about a Christmas fair which included a ‘Reindeer Rodeo’ and her letter to the editor was about a person who’d moved to Alton only to complain that the quiet countryside wasn’t exploding with fireworks every time there was something to celebrate.

Anyway, all went well with very few fluffs and we finished well early…which meant I made it home just before the unexpected rain started.

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