Dennis Moon needs gloves

Today, as Emma chased her ball all over the squishiness that is Farnham Park, we came across Dennis Moon’s memorial bench. While his bench isn’t particularly new to us, the gloves were.


It wasn’t as bleak in the park as it has been lately because it was a reasonably nice day. Mind you, most days it’s the sun low on the horizon thing that makes everything look like it’s just half an hour off sunset.

Still, the Avenue managed to look lovely and, almost inviting.


On the other hand, the hill leading down beside Badger’s Wood had tyre tracks that were not inviting at all.


Apart from walking Mirinda to the station then walking home then walking into town with mum then walking around the park with the dogs, my day was mostly spent organising Mirinda’s references for the essay she’s currently writing for her DBA. While I write like walking, I prefer using Endnote.

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