It’s just not Alice

I belong to the Lewis Carroll Society. I make no apologies and anyone who knows me will understand why.

While I’ve been a member for a few years, I’ve yet to attend any society functions. Well, until tonight that is.


This is the front door of the Art Workers Guild. The society holds its meetings on the first floor.

What sparked my interest in attending this particular meeting wasn’t so much the presentation on Alice and her sons activities in World War One, but rather the special appeal meeting afterwards.

Actually the talk was fascinating. While the room was full of Carroll aficionados, I didn’t know very much at all. Though I immediately recognised her gravestone In Lyndhurst.

But, very soon, the real reason we were there was upon us. One woman was ejected from the room because she was no longer a member. She wanted to argue the point and was repeatedly told to stop talking and leave.

It is at this point that I must reveal that I’m unable to reveal anything. Sadly, the proceedings, the accusations, the calamitous free for all is for Society members only.

I can reveal, however, that the accused didn’t turn up after demanding the opportunity to appeal his exclusion. I can also reveal that it all started with the annual Christmas party.

Having belonged to a fair few groups of interested individuals, I can vouch for the fact that, sooner or later, you’re going to cross paths with a psycho.

I’m not making light of the awful things this particular psycho put the committee through (and possibly will continue to do) but the meeting did have some deliciously moments more than tinged with the blackest of humour. It’s such a shame I can’t reveal them.

Instead, here’s a wonderful letter to the Times from 1886 which refers to the international exhibition held in Paris that year.


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  1. Josie says:

    WOW that was very interesting and different love mum xx

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