When car meets stream

Just a bit of calm

Just a bit of calm

On the way to the lighting shop, we were suddenly stuck in traffic. As we approached the Coxbridge Roundabout, we could see an ever increasing number of emergency services vehicles. It was quite a scene.

It didn’t hold us up for very long and the only sight I could see of what the commotion was about was the back end of a car pointing towards the sky from the middle of a field.

We continued on to Alton where we bought a new lamp and shade for the Old Rose Room.

Mirinda is home this week working on her doctorate but she’s not best pleased. Her boss broke the cardinal rule and came to work with a virulent cold. And, of course, she is now full of snot and throaty tickles.

Her state of health makes concentration rather difficult and particularly given she’s writing an 8,000 word essay. Still, she’ll soldier on then kill her boss when she returns to work.

Upon unpacking the new lamp and shade I was extremely annoyed to discover that they hadn’t thought to suggest that I also purchase a fitting for the shade to fit the lamp.


I spent some time huffing and puffing about the incompetence of lighting shops in general before letting Mirinda know we’d be going back tomorrow.

We then went for a lovely walk to the castle and back, Emma chasing her ball to the point of destruction.


Oh, and a little later I discovered what caused the commotion on the roundabout earlier. It seems an older chap was driving and had a ‘medical episode’, drove across two lanes, swiping two cars on the way through, ploughed through a fence, crashed across a field and planted the nose of his Ford Ka into a stream. He was rushed to hospital and no-one else was hurt.

As it turned out, we avoided the accident by about ten minutes.

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2 Responses to When car meets stream

  1. hankyoyu says:

    Wow poor thing, The lamp looks lovely but rotton shame you have to go back glad you both got colds before I get there cant blame me then Lol
    Love mum xxx

  2. Mirinda says:

    Poor guy tho odd medical emergency that makes you drive into a sream. It’s quite a way from the road.


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