End of summer

Today was Saint Crispins day. It was also the end of British Summer for this year. This annoyed the dogs who never get the extra hour. Not that they complained about our glorious walk in the park.


Saint Crispin never had to contend with the effects of daylight saving on his dogs. Actually, St Crispin was two chaps who were possibly twins (Crispin and Crispinias) who repaired shoes by night and preached the word of Christ by day.

Their feast day is the 25th of October which just happens to be the day that the English thrashed the French at Agincourt under the banner of Henry V.

That brilliant speech that Shakespeare wrote so encapsulated the intended battle, glorious in retrospect, that it’s better remembered than the day upon which it happens.

And this St Crispins day is extra special because it celebrates the fact that it is 600 years since that glorious victory.

So here’s to god, Harry, St George and the French on this most wonderful day.


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