National handbag day

Who knew there was a designated day for handbags. Well, it is something my sister should know given she shares a birthday with it. I hope she had a handbag with her at the restaurant, just so she could share in the spirit of the day.

National handbag day has been a thing since 2012. Someone who really, really, really likes handbags decided if there could be a Grilled Cheese Day (April 12), why not a day to celebrate the many and varied types of handbags. So, I hope all handbag lovers out there in the big wide world, at the very least post a photo of one on Twitter or Facebook or whatever social media you’re addicted to.

A handbag for the woman who hates cats
A handbag for the woman who hates cats

We didn’t bother celebrating or remembering famous handbags from over the centuries, mainly because I didn’t realise what the day was remembering until it was way too late. Rather than pay homage, we took the girls to Frensham for a lovely walk.

And it could have so easily been ruined.

As we started off, up the hill, Freya decided to have a poo and, rather than carry it all the way around the Pond, I decided to walk back to the car park and put it in the bin. Naturally Day-z followed me. After depositing the bag in the bin, we started back but were suddenly brought up short by a four wheel drive vehicle starting into the common. At first we thought it was a National Trust vehicle but, sadly, it was not. It was, rather, an incredibly rude person who thinks he has the right to drive where-ever he wants and to hell with walkers and their dogs.

As he trundled up the sandy, rutted path, various groups of people and their pets darted off the track and into the woodland on either side. I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo. I was quick enough to get this photo of an Inconsiderate AssHat though.


Frensham used to be the sort of place you could wander around, happy in the knowledge that the annoying noise of motor vehicles, for just a short while, has been left behind. A few hours of communing with nature, children running around safely, dogs playing with each other without fear, was one of the reasons we loved going to Frensham. Unfortunately, over the years, the frequency of ignorant intrusions has increased. I know the humans will keep coming but I wonder how long before the wildlife leaves?

On the top of the ridge we stopped and chatted with a woman and her two dogs, one of whom was actually a werewolf. She was a German shepherd, greyhound, Staffie cross and looked like the sort of brooding wild beast you normally find in horror films. For all that, she had the loveliest temperament and her coat was very soft. The other dog was a manic collie who just wanted to play ball. Naturally Emma and Freya joined in running and jumping while the three humans chatted and Day-z sat imperiously.

The lady was also upset by the trail bike riders invading the park. She was also upset by the fact that the National Trust is going to start charging for parking. When Mirinda told her that members didn’t have to pay, she said she wasn’t a member because she and her husband didn’t go anywhere any more. He plays golf and she walks the dogs. Seems an odd sort of marriage to me. Still…we stood and talked for ages before parting ways and heading down to the pond.

The day, while dry, was a bit grey and gloomy but even so, Frensham looked beautiful. From the paths through the trees…


…to the House on the Pond complete with visiting swans.


Normally when we go for a walk, we tend to take a few hours but today we added an extra one as every person who passed us had to stop and talk about the dogs, asking what Freya was and how we combed Emma’s fur and why was Day-z so grumpy. It just went on for ever! I’m looking forward to going to Hankley tomorrow because generally, the only people we see are in the distance.

For all that, it was still a lovely walk and we eventually took three exhausted puppies home.

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  1. hankyoyu says:

    Wow that was a great day and what a complement having all those people wanting to stop and speak to you I love it when that happens. Shame about the cars and bikes I would have thought there would have been a notice about not allowing them in there. I will tell Denise about the Handbag day,yes she did have one with her.
    Love mum xxxx


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