Losing a dear friend

Tonight I lost an old friend through a silly, silly accident. When I think back, it’s impossible to imagine it happening again. I am devastated.

And it was such a lovely day. A gloriously sunny morning to walk Mirinda to the station and warm enough to remove my fleece on the way back. A lovely office Skype with mum, with fleece back on followed by some work in the garden.

There was one, mildly upsetting thing that happened today. When the Eggman came round I asked if he’d like the egg cartons back so they could be reused. He explained that while he thought they should be reused given there’s nothing wrong with most of them, the farmer isn’t allowed under some European directive or other so all we can do is recycle them.

If it is because of an EU Directive then it’s a bit odd given the EU’s desire to cut down waste production and recycling needs by reducing packaging. What better way to reduce packaging than by reusing it? Especially given the fact that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the old cartons. I really can’t understand the world sometimes.

Anyway, as I was saying, apart from this little piece of legislative stupidity, the day was lovely. We had a wonderful walk in the park…actually, Dayz and I had a walk while Emma and Freya ran nearly all the way, mostly chasing a tennis ball I kept launching from the Flika-Stik [TM]. (I’m trying out different names given the label had only ‘Fetch’ written on it which I think is seriously unimaginative.)

But then it happened. The (almost) unthinkable. Before heading upstairs to bed, I picked my mug up from the chess table, like I always do, to place on the kitchen counter when, for no reason whatsoever, it brushed against my leg and went flying.

I have dropped it before, back when we had a wooden floor in the dining room, but it just bounced and lost a small chip out of the base. Our ceramic tiles, however, are not as flexible as wood. This, then, is the last I’ll see of my favourite mug.

Alas poor Homer; I knew him, Horatio

Alas poor Homer; I knew him, Horatio

I’ve had it since I worked at Telewest. Nicole bought it for me when my old one went missing (I still don’t know who stole that one). That was at least ten years ago, possibly longer.

It is a sad, sad day.

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2 Responses to Losing a dear friend

  1. Mirinda says:

    10 years is a good age for a mug

  2. hankyoyu says:

    I am crying buckets still looking for one.
    Love mum xx


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