All because of Freya

I made my Christmas cake today. As usual the house was full of the most delicious aroma which, sadly, I’ll have to wait a few months to actually properly enjoy. Still, today it looked like this…eventually.


Once cool enough, it shall be wrapped and packed away so it can mature properly with copious amounts of alcohol gently dripped into it.

Of course, being a Friday, I should have been at work. But I wasn’t.

I’ve been having a rather rotten time with Freya this week and her indoor toilet habits. It’s as if every time I clean something she’ll either pee or poo on it. The last straw was yesterday.

I was upstairs, about to clean the bedroom when she crouched down and let loose a stream on the waffle blanket. I was not happy.

I grabbed her, abused her, whacked her with a rolled up newspaper, carefully raced her downstairs, then, eventually, I threw her outside. I decided there and then to take them to Sue’s in the morning then come back and do the housework without the constant need to keep an eye on Freya’s backside.

Anyway, without them in the house, I was able to give everything a good clean, particularly the tiles in the extension. It helped that the weather was beautiful today, meaning I could have the big doors wide open.

While I love the puppies and would loathe not having them, sometimes it’s so nice to share the house with just Radio 4.

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2 Responses to All because of Freya

  1. Mirinda says:

    Naughty Freya- the light bulb just hasn’t gone off yet

  2. hankyoyu says:

    I wonder why she is so hard to train, a shame as she is so cute in everything else.The cake looks so delish I could small it from here .
    Love mum xx

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