The day after the crash

My gods! Sun and blue sky. Our walk this morning was actually pleasant.

Last week a major catastrophe was averted when a stricken jet – it’s engines had cut out at 10,000 feet – was landed at Heathrow. No injuries and the pilot and co-pilot were heralded as heroes. The co-pilot’s name was Captain Coward. You couldn’t make it up.

Apparently there was a major stock market crash yesterday – the worst since 9/11. That was in 2001. Is it really over six years since the WTC was destroyed? Tempus fugit big time. It also means it’s been over six years since we went to New York. And over five since I was last in Australia.

I trimmed the conifer hedge this morning. While it decreased the hedge size, it increased the stick pile considerably. Hopefully it will make it all the more attractive to passing hedgehogs.

Having problems with our music server/drive. Have had to rebuild it. Good job I started making back-ups.

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