The yearly task

Today was the day I started my Christmas cake. I note from previous blog entries that this is generally the time I start my Christmas cake. I have the fruit happily soaking.


I generally don’t make a Christmas cake when we spend Christmas in a European city other than here but I figure mum would prefer I did. So. There you go.

Being a Thursday meant today was mostly about housework however, when we went walking in the park after lunch, Freya proved the truth that you should never take your eyes off a cockerpoo puppy.

A group of five uni students were walking along, taking photographs, when they spotted Emma and Freya playing. We get a lot of students from UCA, snapping or filming away so it’s not an unusual sight. One of them realised that Emma was heading straight for her so she squatted down and started taking photos of her in full flight. I completely understand, Emma being such a beautifully photogenic dog.

What the photographer failed to take note of was the little blur of white flannel that launched itself at her head, almost knocking her off balance. Freya had approached from the side while Emma distracted her. In the melee that resulted, Emma, of course, turned away at the last moment and stood, posing for the other cameras.

Freya’s victim, meanwhile, was in fits of laughter, patting and being licked within an inch of her life. Freya is really very friendly. Fortunately, so was the girl with the camera.

I was very proud of both of them when I whistled and they instantly came running back to me. Day-z, of course, stayed next to me the whole time, bemused and confused in equal measure.

Happy days that could only be improved if Freya would grasp toilet training!

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  1. hankyoyu says:

    Whoopee, yes mum is glad you are making a xmas cake we can have some before go and after we get back yummy. Good on Emma and Freya bet they all had a good time.
    Love mum xx

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