Jumping pup

I notìce that a year ago today Emma finally managed to jump up onto the lounge. Well, I know its not a competition but Freya has been doing it for a while now. She needs to take a bit of a jump at it but she can do it easily. Pity about the toilet training though.

Today we had a visit from Claude who isn’t French. He is a joiner, expert in converting grotty storage rooms into magnificent libraries. A least that’s what we want him to do for us.

I spent a goodly amount of the morning clearing the front room enough for him to measure up. While it makes a pleasant change to see the floor again, it’s still depressing. I feel my spirits rise the moment I shut the door and walk into the extension.

So, Claude turned up (along with a re-delivered parcel from Germany which is why I had to Skype with mum on my tablet) and we chatted about Mirinda’s excellent drawings of her planned library-cum-study. Most of the chat was around me redrawing, scanning and sending them to Claude because they didn’t make a lot of sense to him. Fortunately I am well versed in translating my wife’s attempts at interior design drawing and the thing she calls hand writing. (I’m fairly certain my skill at reading her writing comes from the fact that my own is generally indecipherable.)

Having measured, Claude bid me farewell, saying he’d have something for us in a few days. I spent an hour redrawing and typing up Mirinda’s notes then sent them off to him.

Working inside was welcome given the weather, which was miserable and wet. And the poor puppies didn’t get a walk because of it.

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  1. hankyoyu says:

    Wow so will I have a library to sit in to read. Well it is a good think you can work out what it was. husbands and wife’s are suppose too.
    love mum xx

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