Not always a dream

I had a Farnham Talking Newspaper today which could have gone better. I’ve often talked about the Dream Teams I manage to get allocated but this week it was not so much a dream as a nightmare.

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. One of my readers was Mike W. who is always a pleasure. He has a soft, sing-song lilt of a Welsh accent which I really love listening to. He’s also very good at editing and being jolly. After Mike, though, it all went a bit downhill.

When I checked out the roster I realise it wasn’t going to be as enjoyable as usual. My other readers were Terry and Carole.

Terry is one of those truly annoying people who has done everything you’ve done only better and with more impressive outcomes. For instance, Mike was telling us a story about when he worked for the Treasury and how a report he’d written (to save money for the MOD) was praised by one of the high up civil servants. Of course, Terry had to then tell us about when he was writing a short version of a complex document, making it understandable to non-technical types and had a letter from Mrs Thatcher praising his brevity and clear English. I felt a bit sorry for Mike.

Still, for his lack of social skills, Terry at least edits well. This is not the case with Carole. We have to limit stories to about 90 seconds in order to not bore the listeners and to include as many stories as possible. Not so Carole. I think she feels a story isn’t worth reading unless it lasts at least an hour. But that’s only half of it. She is also somewhat rude.

She had warned me before we went into the studio that she’d have to leave by 1:30 for an emergency dentist appointment. That was fine, I told her because we’re usually finished well before that. Of course, I didn’t allow for the computer problems that meant we started an hour later than usual. When we stopped halfway through for our scheduled stop she reminded me she’d have to leave before the Sport. I said that was fine and we could just stop for her to go.

The readers have a timer on the wall so they can see where we are up to…approximately. That’s important because it isn’t the same as the real time clock I’m looking at which allows for mistakes and post recording edits. As Tony explains to all new readers, it’s a guide only and should not be relied on for figuring out how long you have left in the studio. Maybe Carole stopped listening when Tony said that bit because, after a glance at the timer, she started packing up her stories in preparation for leaving.

I knew there was going to be another round of stories but wasn’t bothered because I figured they’d at least be the right length. And then Carole did the unthinkable. Mid-way through Terry’s story she removed her headphones, squeezed passed Mike and left the room. Okay she was very quiet and I don’t think the recording will suffer as a result but even so, there’s no guarantee.

I was stunned. As was everyone else in the studio. She’d only have had to wait at most 30 seconds for Terry to finish. I suppose she’s only aware of herself. And people claim youngsters are rude.

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  1. hankyoyu says:

    That was very rude, To start with why do you make an appointment when you know you are doing something else, and two don’t ask her again there you go solved.
    Love mum xx


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