Painting in the park

What a grey, dull day it was today. It even managed to drizzle later on. One of those days that talking about the weather is just made for. Everyone I said hello to on the way to the shops made a comment about how awful it was. Such an English thing.

During our walk in the park today we stopped and chatted with lots of dogs. The girls were (mostly) well behaved. Mainly because they didn’t see all of them. It was the squirrels, you see. As we strolled along the avenue of trees, the tiny furry things would rush from one side to the other. It was perfectly synchronised. One would take off from the left and another from the right but a few trees further along.

This isn’t that unusual. What was unusual was that any dogs coming towards us immediately veered away from the poodles and after the squirrel. Meanwhile, Carmen & Day-z would do the same in the opposite direction. This meant the dogs never met! Genius. You’d think the squirrels had been trained for it.

When we arrived at the blue door, having inspected the makings of the bonfire for next week, I noticed a disgusting aroma. It was Carmen. She can be amazingly clever at sneaking in a good FSI. So I made her jump up on a bench and took this picture. I then noticed the old couple in the distance.

The puppies smiling because they know they'll be getting a bath!

You probably can’t see them properly in this photo but they are seated on fold up chairs, painting the fallen log and autumn colours. If you want to see them properly, I blipped them. The photo is here. They looked very peaceful. Even from behind.

Back home, the poodles were unceremoniously bundled into the bath and scrubbed unmercifully. I then finished the door for the cupboard. I should say: I’m very happy that I finally finished the cupboard door today. It needed another coat of paint and a small piece of timber in the back because the handle screws were too long. But it’s finished now! Yay.

Here’s the poodles after a jolly good scrubbing.

Wet but clean

After reading Mirinda’s comment yesterday regarding more photo albums of places as well as holidays etc, I had a look around and found some (you can see them here). While looking, I also discovered that all the old photo albums no longer work. The code is lacking something to operate in the later browsers.

Rather than recode them all, I decided I’d need to recreate them in the newer style. This takes a long time! Though possibly no longer than recoding. I have by no means finished but at least Tuscany, Flag Fen and Fishbourne are now working again.

Mirinda also mentioned that the park is looking rather autumnal. It being autumn, this is perhaps not surprising. Actually our street, as usual, is ablaze with colour. Sadly the light wasn’t very good today…this is the best I could do.

Autumn in our street

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2 Responses to Painting in the park

  1. Mirinda says:

    I hope the painting pair never find your blip and see themselves descibed as some “old couple”.

    The dogs look v pleased with themselves. I can never work out if Carmen loves to FS smell or the bath smell.

    You have a typo – I should so. Hah!

  2. admin says:

    Mmmm good point. They may not be a couple.

    DAMMIT! Thank you. Fixed now.


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