Freya meets Hankley

It didn’t look like we’d be going anywhere today. It started grey and very foreboding. I managed to get wet walking home from the shops as the rain started. It all looked pretty much set in for the day.

Warm and dry in the extension, Mirinda had a lovely long Skype with Bob and Fi while I pottered around.

I decided to make a peach torte and prepared the peaches by peeling and de-stoning them. Peeling a peach is the same as peeling a tomato. They have to be plunged into boiling water. The skin then just slides off (more or less). The de-stoning, however, is not as simple. Peach pit removal is easy when the skin is still on the fruit as it gives you something to grip. Remove the skin and you’ve removed the grip. Still, I managed it, albeit making a mess.

I made the torte after lunch and we had some for afternoon tea before heading out to Hankley because the sun had come out, the clouds had gone and the day had turned beautiful.

It was Freya’s second big walk after yesterday at Frensham and she walked almost the entire way. In fact, she disliked being picked up, preferring to trot after Emma. Hankley is a long walk for us let alone little Freya. She was nicely worn out by the end. She curled up on Max’s back seat and was asleep before the engine turned over.

As usual, Emma covered herself in sand while Day-z was extremely well behaved, spending most of the walk between us. It was a delightful walk, empty of the crowds of Frensham – we only saw about six other people.

There was no roast this week. We had warm lamb in minted salad followed by a delicious slice of peach torte, which, if I do say so myself, was excellent. For the second time this weekend, we ate outside on the terrace. What a delightful idea.

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3 Responses to Freya meets Hankley

  1. Mirinda says:

    It was especially beautiful at Hankley – all that rain had freshened everything up

  2. hankyoyu says:

    Why didn’t you de stone first I might have a thing that does that I will look for it bring with me. Poor little Freya her legs will get shorter Lol. the whole dinner made my mouth water.
    Love mum xx

  3. admin says:

    Can’t de-stone first because you don’t want the flesh of the peach to boil in the water. Also, normally it’s easy to de-stone with a knife.


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