Mophead massacre

It should take me around 20 minutes to walk from home to Kate’s place.

Kate is the puppies’ hairdresser and she lives on the other side of the park…more or less. While Kate usually picks the girls up and drops them off, she was a bit hard pressed to leave the house today so I said I’d walk them up. All I have to do is follow the all-weather path to the top of the park then hit the back lanes of Upper Hale. Simple. Well, ‘simple’ is a relative term.

The 20 minutes did not take into account the Freya Factor.

Naturally I couldn’t leave her at home so the three of us set off. When we reached big, open spaces, I’d put her on the ground to run around after Emma and have Day-z ignore her. She still has a week to go before she can socialise with other dogs (other than our two that is) so I had to pick her up every time someone came close. And that was the problem.

Every time I started carrying her, the person passing us would stop and coo and cluck and generally go all gooey at the sight of her. I couldn’t believe how many people passed us. I didn’t count them but, suffice it to say, it took us 40 minutes to get to Kate’s place.

I left the girls with Kate and started back for home with the same result except this time people assumed I only had Freya and I was taking her for a ‘carry’ because she was too small for a ‘walk.’ And all of this was repeated later on when I went to pick the other two up.

Apart from the joy at having two beautifully trimmed puppies, I experienced the lows of having a mop head disintegrate on me. Toilet training proceeds very, very slowly. Our tiles are very good but, obviously, they need a good mopping. With Day-z and Emma away, I popped Freya into her creche (yes, we have a dog creche though Emma thinks it’s actually a wrestling pit), mixed myself some high strength cleaner with boiling water and dunked the mop into it.

I started mopping only to find there was suddenly more sponge on the now soaking wet tile than remained on the mop. This was very irritating…not least because I didn’t have a mop to clean it up.

Is that ironic? Or karma?

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2 Responses to Mophead massacre

  1. hankyoyu says:

    Oh dear always have a spare which I do but don’t know how to put it on.
    love mum xx

  2. Mirinda says:

    The Freya factor – she just cheers everybody up!

    What’s a mop head?

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