Half term & the barbarians

Dear God. It was awful. Working in the museum district at half term is bad enough but you can multiply that a thousand fold when it’s a glorious day. Ailsa warned me on Friday. Don’t eat at the cafe in the museum, she said. I just had to look at the masses of tiny heads to realise she had been right. I decided to forego my usual lunch and wander round a bit.

But even this was plagued by little people. They were everywhere. And so noisy with it!

I decided to eat and drink at Starbucks and ended up stuck behind a man with a wife and two boys who didn’t know what they wanted or how things work in Starbucks. (Which reminds me of something that happened yesterday. I was standing at the cash register, waiting for the barista to serve me and this little old lady confidently walked up to the end of the counter where the drinks are delivered. She stood there a while. Eventually the barista asked her what she’d ordered. The little old lady was quite indignant, claiming she hadn’t been asked for her order yet and she’d been waiting for ages – it was about 2 minutes. The barista then told her she had to line up like everyone else to be served and that the drinks were delivered at that end of the counter. The little old lady suddenly went all huffy and stormed out!)

Anyway, back to today. The family in front of me couldn’t make their minds up. When I walked in, I was second in the queue; by the time I was served, there was a line of people stretching out the door behind me. Most of them looked like people on their lunch break with limited time. They must hate half term more than me. At least I only have to go through it twice this week.

Walking back to the museum I thought the Natural History Museum looked quite nice in the sun so I snapped a shot of it. I was going to blip it but thought I’d post it here instead.

Natural History Museum looking pretty in the sun

I realise I’ve posted a shot of the NHM before but I think this is a better shot.

Months ago I had an email from Lynden saying he was coming over in October. I wrote back to say he might like to come over on a Tuesday night, stay over then go into town on Wednesday. I heard nothing further. And then, yesterday, I had an email to say he was here and wondering how to get to me in Fulham. I’d forgotten it was this week. So he’s coming over tomorrow (Nicktor is in Switzerland) and I thought I’d share the delights of the 6 Bells with him.

Obviously I told him that we don’t actually live in Fulham…

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  1. Mum Cook. says:

    You arn’t the only one who hates half term. They drive me mad! They do not have the discipline like the children of 40 or so years ago. The screaming really gets to me.
    Wow fancy Lynden turning up. Love mum

  2. Mirinda says:


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