Serpent! Serpent!

Today I watched a buzzard being chased off by a gang of crows.

We were up the park prior to Day-z going to the vet for her foot, when I noticed the buzzard. They look quite magnificent as they swoop and glide and they’re difficult to miss. I guess this one flew a bit too close to a crow’s nest because this little black firebrand suddenly flew out of a nearby tree and started flapping around the buzzard. It put the predator off a bit but not enough to make it fly off.

The first crow was flapping and squawking and, after a few seconds, another crow was there, giving the buzzard grief. This made the buzzard take notice a bit more but it was still not flying off. Then another two crows joined in. The four birds circling the threat and diving in, trying to flap it away.

This full-on assault convinced the buzzard that it should go and hunt somewhere else and it started a slow, circling move away from the crows. To ensure this was a serious retreat, the crows continued annoying the buzzard until it was well away. Then, just at the last moment, a fifth crow joined in, actually snapping at the buzzard’s tail feathers.

It was quite amazing to watch.

Day-z was off to the vet because she’s hurt one of her front paws. It’s quite badly scratched and she can’t put any weight on it. The vet gave her a shot and some antibiotics so, hopefully, she’ll be better soon.

At the house, Karl and Pip turned up to finish up the little jobs that annoy builders and homeowners alike. By the end of the day, Karl had managed to make all the windows work properly and the front door no longer sticks. He also fixed the white strip in the skylight. Pip, meanwhile, filled and painted over all the small cracks in the extension. Karl will need to return tomorrow to sort out the bathroom access but, basically, that’s it. I think the extension is actually finished…completely.

I spent a lot of the day in the garden, tidying up the mess that was the stick pile following Chris’ efforts yesterday. To this end I ordered a new compost bin so I can move the old ones to their new home.

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  1. hankyoyu says:

    Love the story about the crows got to look after the nest and family.
    Love mum xx

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