Lily and the Queen’s Bottom

My niece, Kelly married Ash yesterday in the most fantastic pink wedding dress. I really like pink. It’s such a joyful, playful colour. You can’t be sad when you look at pink. Well, I don’t think so, anyway.

Sadly I couldn’t be at the wedding given it was half a world away but I did think of them. And mum sent lots of photos. I love digital cameras and the Internet.

My morning started normally enough and, after the usual shop and chat to Mirinda, I took off with the poodles for a walk. Day-z wanted to do the big loop so off we went.

The poodles are not very aware of other things. Humans, cars, bicycles, anything. To such an extent that when a little girl rode her bike passed me and the dogs were in front of her, Day-z turned around to walk back to me and nearly ran into the front wheel! Stupid poodle! The girl was all apologetic but it was clearly Day-z’s own fault. She just looked very surprised.

The park looked lovely, bathed in sunshine and skirted by blue skies. I took lots of photos, mainly for my blip but also for Mirinda. Here’s one:

Farnham Park in autumn

We worked our way around the perimeter of the park, ending up at the Queen’s Bottom. Naturally Carmen wanted to go back this way so we set off across it. And that’s where we met Lily. A woman coming towards us had two dogs. One of them was on a lead but the other, Lily came bounding over as soon as she saw the poodles. I had my camera out so managed to get this action shot.

The girls meet Lily

It’s one of the first times that Day-z hasn’t snapped at another dog. I think she was a bit exhausted after our long walk. The woman called her back (which is why I knew her name) and the girls looked at me as if to ask if they’d done good. I patted their heads and said yes they had. I ignored Day-z’s FSI earlier in the walk.

Back at home I bathed them both and finished painting the new door for the cupboard.

The Queen's Bottom looking lush

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5 Responses to Lily and the Queen’s Bottom

  1. Mum Cook says:

    How lovely is the Queens Bottom and Farnham Park so green no wonder the poodles love going out for walks.
    Yes we have a lot to talk about Tuesday. love mum

  2. Mirinda says:

    It looks stunning -the park that is. Carmen looks like she is growling at Lily.

  3. admin says:

    Not at all. She’s clearly saying “Hya Lily. How you doin?”

  4. Karen says:

    OMG – Kelly is married? Send me a pic!

  5. admin says:

    Will do.



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