Work dies

Okay, I’ve been really slack with my diary. No excuses. We went to see the Bodies exhibition at Earl’s Court on Saturday with Dawn and Nick and it made me feel strangely mortal. Maybe this will force me to be more regular with my diary entries.

Anyway…work is a bitch. Telewest merged with NTL and it’s just like when Corrs merged so long ago. We are taking on the ethos of the bigger company. This seems crazy to me. Having been successful since our last reorg, we are now inheriting NTL’s debts and need to get rid of around 6,000 staff members! No-one is secure.

New organisational charts have been created along with some totally wanky titles for people. (Seriously? It’s someone’s job to do these things?) QA will no longer sit with DTV. I MIGHT go to the Internet team as a position has been created but who knows. Nicole (still on maternity leave) is being made into a Pipeline Engineer, whatever the fuck that is. Stevie has gone to Winnersh to test the new TV-1 platform which combines both company technologies. And Jackman has gone to Hook. With Terry being quiet, it’s like I’m on my own.

There’s also not much work. This was handy last week when I had to study for exams but now it’s just boring.

I mad the crazy decision to write a novel over the summer. I just need a plot.

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