Bloomin’ marvellous

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Farnham’s participation in Britain in Bloom.

The competition itself has been held annually since 1963 following a trip to France by Roy Hay. He happened to visit during the Fleurissement de France which Charles de Gaulle had decided was a good idea. The French president wanted the country brightened up with flowers so he ordered that everyone dress up their local area. Roy saw it and was delighted. He brought the idea back to the UK and set to organising something similar.

I don’t know why Farnham waited so long to get involved. What I do know is that every year, the town brightens up under the onslaught of blooms.


Big, tiered planters full of dead baby’s fingers, adorn the footpaths and pubs hang very colourful baskets outside.


It really makes for a happy environment. The town always looks cleaner, more cheerful, the people happier, when the ‘Bloom’ is on. I think it would be fair to say that a community that works together to tidy up and, generally, ‘floralise’ is going to be a lot happier than one that looks like the aftermath of a battle. It’s not just money either, it’s involvement and a desire to live in pleasant surroundings.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary, a small display was created in Gostrey Meadow.


It says “Farnham in Bloom” at the top, and “25 Years” but it’s a bit hard to read because of the angle. Still, I think it’s really cute and a bit better than my attempt to write our initials in tulips a few years ago.

Of course, this all inspired me to continue work in our garden. The plants we had bought on the weekend were waiting for my fork and chicken manure.

Hemerocallis - mixed

Hemerocallis – mixed

A couple of day lillies in the corner of the Former Residence of Xun Ma brightened it up considerably.

Ivy and Sundiascia blush pink

Ivy and Sundiascia blush pink

And then on to Carmen’s Sweet Escape where the pallet planter was finally planted up with ivy, sundiascia and some violets…which are too small to see in this photo. You can also see my able assistant inspecting our work.

Alyssum lavender shades in between the hydrangea

Alyssum lavender shades in between the hydrangea

I then put in a few Alyssum between the hydrangeas to fill the gaps before they fill the bed properly.

Before I finished up my horticultural tasks for the day, I planted some more box around the water feature.

Then, before finishing for the day, I hung the Animal. Mirinda thinks it’s an eccentric spot to hang a hand held cordless vacuum cleaner…


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  1. hankyoyu says:

    I agree with you Caloundra always has a clean up day especially by the beach looks clean.I wondered what that said at the top thanks for telling me a very clever bit of planting, you need small flowers to write something. All the new plants look great and so colourful your assistant looks very interested but not busy, and why did Mirinda say that about where you have hung your new Dyson & where is that anyway.
    Love mum xx

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