Swollen toe

Well, I didn’t get off as unscathed from yesterday’s tumble as I thought. I have a swollen toe. It’s not pleasant.

This little piggie got swollen

This little piggie got swollen

This is a bit more pleasant. It’s one of the wide swathes cut by the tractor throughout the park, leaving areas of wildflowers within their boundaries.


Tractor made path

While we were in the park I tried to get a photo of Emma’s tongue. It would appear that her tongue is somewhat camera shy.


That’s nothing!

Actually she was very good today. I had a visit from Dave the Builder to discuss the snagging this morning and she didn’t run off and hide or bark. She almost let him stroke her. Day-z, of course, remembered him and went straight up to say hello.

It was rather nice seeing him. After him being an almost constant house guest for nearly a year, I’ve missed him…a bit. After going through the list of various fix-ups and touch-ups, he left, secure in the knowledge that we love our new house. This was reinforced on the back of Mirinda’s note which said that we loved our new house. He was genuinely pleased.

As well as meeting with Dave, I actually managed to put in a bit of work on my book today. That always makes me feel good and like I’ve achieved something. Of course, it’s been a while so I had to re-connect first.

In the afternoon (after walking in the park) I attacked the path, scraping and clawing away at the little (and not so little) clumps of grass growing in impossibly small bits of dirt.

Then, late in the day, while I was looking at the photos I tried to take of Emma’s tongue, I came across this one from a few weeks ago, taken at Frensham.

Emma at Frensham a few weeks ago

Now, how the hell does that fit in her mouth?

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  1. hankyoyu says:

    You and your toes is it on the same foot as you did out here? Wow what a tongue glad ours isnt as long yes where does she put it all.
    love mum xx

  2. Mirinda says:


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