0% chance of rain

It’s not often you come across Absolutes. The risk of being wrong is far too high a possibility that it’s rare to find a pin point prediction. Even psychics tend to fluff around the time of events and they can read minds/speak to the dead!

So, it was with a certain degree of surprise when we read that the chance of rain today was 0%. A few factors predicted something a little less certain. Firstly, it didn’t stop raining yesterday and, secondly, this IS Britain and it IS summer. While we disagreed with the prediction, the sky was clear enough for us to risk going to the Garden Show at Loseley Park.

The Garden Show started yesterday and is like a garden centre market with plants and other garden things as well as food. We wondered how many people actually went yesterday given the rain didn’t stop all day.

Today, however, with 0% chance of rain, there were quite a few people in attendance.


Dogs weren’t welcome (odd for Loseley but I guess it’s the Garden Show people who make the canine rules) so the girls were stuck at home. Mind you, we took them for a lovely romp over Frensham late in the day so they couldn’t complain too much.

We encountered a young chap wandering around holding a plate of sliced up, just cooked Cumberland sausage. Of course we’ll try some! And, of course, we had Cumberland sausage for lunch served up by Dan Dan the Sausage Man.


At some stage we were caught in a sudden rain shower which saw most of us heading for one of the three big marquees. So much for the 0% chance of rain.

We ended up buying a beautiful Spanish red and yellow bowl for the dining table (to hold fruit) and two hydrangeas for Carmen’s Sweet Escape then, leaving our purchases for later collection, we headed over to the Loseley Park Walled Garden.

Talk about full! The plants in the Walled Garden were in full flush spreading their floral beauty in every direction. We rather liked the holly hock jungle…


…and the Almost Completely White Garden.


There was also a sculpture exhibition with pieces dotted throughout the garden. Most of them were resin and not many were appealing. Without exception, they were all too expensive.


I didn’t take note of any of the titles but I think the one above is called The Dancer and the one below is, possibly, Molecule.


One of the most attractive sights was, in fact, beyond the Walled Garden. The roof-scape of Loseley is always a treat.


Eventually we headed home, collected the girls and took them to Frensham Little Pond where Emma was admired.

I made another jelly but it needed more sugar. Sadly it wasn’t what you’d call a success. Mirtinda has asked for apple pie and custard tomorrow.

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  1. hankyoyu says:

    Sounds like a lovely day you should have had ours it was so hot we all thought it was summer and me cooking roast dinner didn’t help.
    love mum xx

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