Filling the gaps

The weather is supposed to be quite grey all week and, in fact, it was vaguely raining first thing this morning when I walked Mirinda to the station. And it WAS first thing. She had an early meeting to get to which meant getting up at 6am! As it turned out, she went to the wrong venue and wound up being late anyway so could have slept in…as it turned out. Still…

The grey skies didn’t bother me, in fact it made it easier as I was set to plant up everything we bought on the weekend. Lots of geraniums, lobelia, yellowy orange things that look a bit like daisies, flowers…the usual sort of stuff.

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression regarding the weather. It may have been grey and, on occasion, a bit damp but it wasn’t by any means cold. Not even close. Not that you’d have thought that if you’d have seen the people walking in the park at lunch time. I was in my usual shorts, t-shirt and runners while everyone else I saw wore raincoats and jeans. Very odd people.

But, back to the garden…

First up I had to plug a few gaps in the pink and mauve border in front of the office. The geraniums I planted shortly after office installation are still growing but, due partly to Emma and her smooshing feet, are looking a bit ragged. This has left gaps which instantly attract the undesirables to move in with their antisocial roots. Well, not any more. A few geraniums later and the gaps had all but disappeared.


There’s also a lovely new plant (for us) called Veronica. She’s the tall one at the back. Here’s a close up of her floral spires.


It was then into the hot border, bulking it out about two thirds of the way in – we need some taller stuff at the back.


Although we miss having bidens this year, I think this still looks pretty good.

And it was a good day in the garden.

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3 Responses to Filling the gaps

  1. hankyoyu says:

    I agree it looks lovely the Veronica are really great what colour, you are getting a great Green thumb as Gma would say she will be very pleased that one of you kids took after her all you need is some Jade as she said JADE AT THE DOOR AND YOU WILL NEVER BE POOR, I should be very wealthy as I have three pots of it Gmas at the front two at the back which Bob gave me.
    love Mum xx

  2. Mirinda says:

    What’s jade? The beds look wonderful

  3. hankyoyu says:

    Jade is just a green plant no flowers but looks so nice and fresh.
    love Josie xx


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