First, here’s an Adventure Playground update. Sorry about the lousy photo but I had to zoom in with my phone and that’s never very good.


They’ve started building some wooden structures behind the Heras fencing.

More importantly…today’s blog post is more a Photo Post ie a blog post that consists mostly of photographs and very little text, the theory being that the photos tell the story adequately.

We started our walk…

Avenue of Trees

Avenue of Trees

Emma found a feather…


Day-z decided she really, really wanted the feather…


After a bit, Emma leapt up from the ground…


…and ran off at top speed…


Day-z decided the feather wasn’t that important after all…



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2 Responses to Feather

  1. Mirinda says:

    Utterly hilarious

  2. hankyoyu says:

    The funnist thing I have seen for a long time
    Love mum xx

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