Gout has struck and I can’t walk. It’s not a full blown bout but it’s still bad.

Just a day after winning the Olympics for 2012, London has been plunged into despair. Some religious freaks set off a series of bombs in London killing 50+ people and dragging the transport system to a halt. Central London effectively closed.

We had texts flying in from Oz, making sure we were both okay. The mobile networks were overloaded. It was mayhem.

Emergency services were praised. It was like Madrid all over again. There was a lot of talk about people helping people and being stoic.

I really, really wish there was a hell so that the murderous cowards could rot there. Surely no-one’s idea of heaven can allow such pointless atrocity?

Last Study Skills class tonight. I have to complete the essay by next week. Better do some work.

There were lots of police at Guildford station, as you’d expect. I met Dawn and Bev at the Mill for a couple of drinks. They are off to Orkney tomorrow very early AM.

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