Change is afoot

This morning I had my first Starbucks for two weeks. Jade (barista) asked where I’d been, which is always nice, then made my drink perfectly. I’d forgotten how good my specific drink is. Actually, when Jack asked what my Starbucks order was, he used this to bolster the fact that I’m a fussy eater. Ptah! That’s what I think of that.

Walking into town, I noticed a big change in the park. The adventure playground, near the stile at the Park Lane exit, has been completely removed. This included a four seater swing set, a massive pyramid monkey bar climbing frame and a flying fox. These have been replaced with Heras fencing and a porta-loo.

Meanwhile a new wandering hard-core path has been cut into the turf, leading the casual visitor between…well, nothing at the moment but, presumably, the new playthings, eventually.


When I returned home, I told Mirinda, employing as much mystery in my voice as possible that ‘Change is afoot in Farnham Park’. After I told her about the playground she asked what other changes. I had no idea what she meant. Then it occurred to me that ‘Change is afoot’ is a bit of a Mondagreen in that it sounds almost exactly like ‘Changes afoot.’ I told her there was only one real change, although the plants curling up the string outside the Hop Blossom have reached the top.

Castle Street was closed for most of the day as there was a charity bike ride starting and finishing there. I missed the start (that was at 8:30 and I was still in bed) but I heard one guy finish while I was walking home (I say ‘heard’ because there was some rather vapid cheering at one stage).


Mirinda Skyped Bob and Fi while I went and collected the girls. Obviously they both went insane.

Back at the house, I finished off organising the accounts for France and set up my laptop from whence it had come. Then, after lunch, we headed off to Hankley for a lovely walk. Mirinda asked me if I’d swap it for the walk we did each morning in Massangis and I said, while I thoroughly enjoyed the walk, nowhere can compare with Hankley.

Hankley heather

Hankley heather

When we had dinner in the remote restaurant last week, they served sort of cheesy puff triangles rather than bread. I thought it looked simple enough so I tried some tonight. Using puff pastry, egg and Parmesan, they were a great success. I guess that’ll be on the menu next time we entertain.

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2 Responses to Change is afoot

  1. Mirinda says:

    If I were a kid I wouldn’t fancy playing with portaloos or Herris fencing.,.

  2. hankyoyu says:

    No me sounds awful. Must have been nice to have been missed by your starbucks girl. Love mum xx

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