Unexpected favourite band

All the businesses that surround the place where our hotel is situated, have clubbed together and decided to have 15 DJs and lots of very loud music playing continuously all day. Apparently it was the same yesterday. I can only hope it stops before it becomes tomorrow.


Arriving in St Malo, unaware of the musical feast awaiting us, we strolled across from the ferry to the town and dumped our bags at the hotel (as usual) before heading out for breakfast. For some unknown reason and for the first time EVAH, the Unicorn was not yet open so we were forced to eat at the Universe. Actually, we were going to eat at the East but as we stood and decided, the American bus tour group (who had been on the ferry) descended on the small cafe like so many starving locusts. We turned around and went to the Universe.

You’d think we’d missed out on our usual galette complete but not so. We came back and had one for lunch when it WAS open. Though this was after a lovely long walk around the ramparts, seeing the tide higher than we’ve ever seen it, and through the town, ostensibly for me to buy a belt.

My new jeans (refer to post from earlier in the week) came with their own belts. These belts are, I’ve discovered following usage, absolute crap and an insult to the name. I went into a shop and bought a real one from a cashier who, thinking I was French, spoke to me as if I understood her. Naturally I acted like I did.

Eventually our room was ready and we both headed upstairs for a much needed snooze…as much as one can snooze with very loud music surrounding one. Actually, we were pretty tired and didn’t really hear it.

At about 4pm the recorded music stopped and a band started playing a sort of folk, bluegrass style of music. We decided to go and investigate. That was how we discovered Mirinda’s new favourite band. It is called Churchfitters and they play lots of different instruments.

We sat at a handily vacant table outside one of the cafes, ordered beer and kir royal and sat and enjoyed the concert. Marvellously unexpected.

Rosie Short and her soprano saxophone

Rosie Short and her soprano saxophone

After they’d finished and the recorded music returned, we went for a stroll down to the beach, giving up our valuable seats to a couple of zombies standing mere inches away and desperate for a chance to sit in our warm seats. Very, very odd pair.

Anyway, ignoring them, the tide had gone out, allowing us to walk out onto the sand in the dying light of the day.

After a bit, we headed back to the hotel room and bed. It’s lovely being back in St Malo.


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  1. Mum says:

    What a lovely first day the unexpected ones are always the best.
    Love mum xx


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