Waiting and weeding

Emma does this thing where she runs up to other dogs and invites them to play. She runs up to them (but not too close), goes down on her front legs, wagging her tail like an aircraft prop and barks. The other dog is supposed to then chase her. She loves being chased and can run for hours. She is also very fast.

Usually the other dog will take up the challenge and leap into action, trying to catch her. They never do. But then, like today, she finds a dog that doesn’t have a clue what to do.

We were happily walking along when we came across a little ball of fluff. I have no idea what breed it was or its gender. Emma went into her Prelude to the Chase then took off. The fluffball just stood and watched her, mystified.

Whenever Emma runs, she glances over her shoulder to see how close her pursuer is. Today, she threw a glance over her shoulder and suddenly stopped, wondering where the fluffball was. Of course, Emma doesn’t gradually slow down and stop, she just stops which means she goes tumbling over the ground before leaping back to her feet as if she intended it to happen. This happened today, making us laugh, particularly the owner of the fluffball.

Of course, Emma went back and tried again but with the same result except this time, the fluffball watched her go tumbling then just wandered off with its owner. Emma was very confused and barked her disapproval.

Fortunately a short haired dog called Mildred, with very small legs happened by and Emma ran over to play with her instead. Mildred, clearly not certain of her place in the game, just ran away. Emma then started chasing Mildred. I don’t think she was actually chasing Mildred but was simply trying to get her to stop so she could chase Emma.

Day-z, meanwhile stayed with me (I’d picked her up so she wouldn’t spoil Emma’s playing) and we watched with great delight.

Another source of delight was the Garden of One Thousand Yaps. By about lunchtime, it no longer had any weeds. I’d crawled around under the acers and over the ferns, forking and removing the forest of unwanted plants. It was very satisfying. A pity the same can’t be said for Dave the Builder.

The reason I was weeding (apart from the fact that the bed really needed weeding) was because I had to stay close to the back of the house in order to hear Dave when he turned up. We had scheduled to meet this morning (at about 10am) to discuss the decorating fix-ups and anything else that was bothering us. It would also mean he’d get the last of his money…once we were happy, of course.

But Dave didn’t turn up. Having arranged to meet today at 10, he’d put it in his diary for tomorrow. Still, I also had to stay alert for a delivery guy who was dropping off my new jeans.

Last Friday, on the way to work, I’d taken a tumble and ripped a hole in the knee of my old ones. While this can look quite cool on someone a good deal younger than me (in fact, I remember having a pair of delightfully torn jeans when I was in my 20’s) it just looks tacky on a man rapidly approaching 60. So I jumped online and purchased two pairs of new jeans – I like having two pairs the same so I can alternate.

And the delivery guy turned up. I had to wait in until just gone 3pm so the girls had to wait for their walk (we usually go straight after lunch) but at least he turned up. And I had a very productive day in the garden.

Speaking of the garden, it suddenly occurs to me that I haven’t included a photograph of the new bark chipped area which Chris created on Saturday. So, here it is.


Before he started, this was a mess of very high grass, weeds and deep craters. Now it’s a delight. Next I’ll weed down the side of my office.

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2 Responses to Waiting and weeding

  1. Mirinda says:

    Bloody builders

  2. Mum says:

    Fred was always saying that Mirinda when they started your build if they were late or didn’t come one day he didn’t trust any of them Lol. I think your garden is looking lovely and your weeding is very good Gary,how did you manage to fall over did you damage your knees.
    Love mum xx.

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