Goodbye Chelsey

Chelsey (one of my favourite baristas at Starbucks) is moving on. Her last day is next Sunday. I saw her this morning and had to say goodbye, explaining I’d not be in tomorrow or Sunday. It’s a bit sad because she is so bubbly that she instantly makes the day start off with a smile.

It made me think about all the baristas I’ve known at Starbucks. It’s a bit of a transient job though some of them stay on for ages. It’s an interesting exercise in short term friendships. The Starbucks staff (in Farnham anyway) are always friendly and welcoming that you feel you’ve known them for ages. And it really helps that they wear name badges.

Apart from sad farewells, the day was spent in the house, hard at it with the housework.

And, of course, we went for a walk in the Park.

Emma likes to chase things which makes our walks a bit of exhausting fun for her. She especially likes sticks and will find one that interests her and will bring it to my feet to be thrown.


She will then go barrelling after it, tumbling over the grass or path, retrieving it and having a jolly good chew before giving it back to me.

Day-z watches this for a while and then will suddenly decide she wants to join in. Sometimes she’s quick enough to get the stick when thrown but mostly she just waits for Emma to get it and then wrestles it off her. Of course, being Day-z, she never brings it back to me. She will just take a few steps away from Emma and drop it on the ground, looking quite pleased with herself.

It’s a brilliant way to tire them both out.


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2 Responses to Goodbye Chelsey

  1. Mirinda says:

    That naughty Day-Z

  2. Mum says:

    Sounds like fun.
    love mum xx

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