Endless weeding

It was another glorious weather day and yet another spent working on the hot border, removing the weeds. I also Skyped with mum – a day late – and finished the day by mowing the new lawn.

I haven’t reported on the progress of the Wildflower Patch for a while. It has grown prodigiously. I’m surprised you can’t actually see it growing as it seems more verdant and rich every time I look.

A few flowers have started emerging. Short lived poppies appear in the morning and seem to be gone by the evening.


Daisies litter the lower depths, giving little spots of yellow centred whiteness in the green undergrowth.


A single (but not for long) beautifully coloured cornflower has appeared with the promise of more.


It’s all looking very lush and bountiful with insects starting to dart from flower to flower. I think we’re going to have to hire a dwarf goat to chew it back come the August mow. Or I’m going to have invest in a whippersnipper (or strimmer as it’s unimaginatively called over here).

Given the new wifi booster in the extension, I was able to take Mum on a tour of the terrace and Crazy and Chutney Beds without the Skype signal dropping out. It’s quite handy because it won’t look quite as vibrant in November when she’s over here. Still, Mirinda has planned the garden for Winter interest as well as the more fertile seasons, so it should still look pretty good. Fingers crossed anyway.

When I finished my weeding for the day, I set the mower one notch lower and gave the New Lawn a finer trim. It’s really coming along nicely. I had a little bare foot walk across it. It was like walking on a lush, green mattress.

So, a perfect day in the garden with a report from Mirinda saying her talk to the students went very well though they were a bit confused by the topic and wondered why she was telling them the history of universities.

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2 Responses to Endless weeding

  1. Mum says:

    So lovely thank you Mirinda for planting for winter as well I cant wait to see the garden and maybe sit and have a tea on the terrace. I would have thought they are going to uni so why not be told about it.
    Love mum xx

  2. Mirinda says:

    Exactly. Why are they going to uni? They should be able to answer that. Fingers crossed for winter interest. Still don’t know if the design will actually work.

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