Sideways 1 and red sticks

A cricket update: It looks like being a New Zealand win at this very early stage of the match. Going in for their second go at bat following a Kiwi score in excess of 500, English wickets tumbled and it looked like being a short test. There’s going to have be a miracle…

Not that I listened to any of it today. Mirinda had guitar then a lovely visit to the Holly Bush so, after my usual shopping, I did a bit more weeding in the hot border waiting for her return. She is working hard to finish work for her DBA following a letter from the university begging her for some completed assignments.

After watching the penultimate episode of series 4 of 24, I made another batch of plum puffs, just so I could take a photo for the blog for Farelli. Mirinda didn’t mind and we enjoyed them after dinner.

Actually with nectarines

Actually with nectarines

We then took the girls to Hankley. I haven’t been to Hankley for ages. It hasn’t changed. There was nothing being filmed and no soldiers running around looking like Birnam wood advancing on Dunsinane. In fact, the place was gloriously empty. We only saw others at a distance. It was wonderful.

Vacant path

Vacant path

There may have been a complete absence of the Army (that we could see) but I spotted this evidence of a previous visit. I have no idea what it is marking or, in fact, what it is.

Sideways 1 and orange sticks

Waiting for discovery

Emma, in true cockerpoo fashion, covered herself in grey sand, at one point looking like she had dark socks and a patch over one eye. She really loves rubbing herself on the ground. As long as it’s just sand, I don’t mind, particularly given that by the time we get down off the ridge, she’s generally clean. I don’t know where the sand goes or how it does.

This would be a great thing for when we return to the car if it wasn’t for the stream at the end which they both need to jump into. And today was no different…except for the scary twig that tapped Emma on the back legs as it floated along with the current. She jumped a mile. She was on the bank, trying to find what had touched her then she was back in the water, splishing and splashing and trying to bite anything she could find.

It was very funny. And she was suddenly very wet. Fortunately, we bought a special dog hammock for Max (before we bought Max, actually) and it managed to soak most of the river out of her hair.

After dinner we watched the final episode of series 4 of 24. Jack Bauer is truly the all-American hero…and impossibly still alive.

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3 Responses to Sideways 1 and red sticks

  1. Farelli says:

    They look fab, Gary! I did them too but I used strawberries as stone fruit not in season. And I didn’t have marzipan. They were still yummy. Will do again when plums are around

  2. Mum says:

    Wow!! all these different fruits making my mouth water. Yum Yum
    we had a lovely family roast dinner 9 of us.
    Love mum xx

  3. Mirinda says:

    Good grief – roast dinner for 9! That would have to a huge roast.

    Hankley overall is my favourite place to walk – and that’s quite a compliment as we have so many great places nearby

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