Unexpected gig

Today I finished the fence around the Wildflower Patch. It wasn’t as straightforward as it should have been, given I made a good start yesterday. The trouble started when I unrolled a new length of caging wire.

I laid it out and started folding the bottom edge over when I spotted the problem. This new roll was a different size to the one I’d put in yesterday. But it wasn’t the height that varied, it was the little squares. The piece I erected yesterday had big squares while the holes on the new one were about half the size.

Irritated, I set to pulling down the old one before starting again. At least I didn’t have to re-weed along the brick line. By the end of the day, it was all finished.

The weather was not kind. The winds were still blowing madly (not blowing over the conifers) and bringing with it showers of rain of varying intensity. Needless to say, I ended the day muddy and quite wet. Still, I was happy with the result.

Emma proof fence
Emma proof fence

I jumped into the shower and changed for an unscheduled night out.

Out of the blue, yesterday, I received a text from Nicktor asking if I’d like to accompany him to a gig in Aldershot tonight. He and Dawn were going but, for reasons to do with their boys sitting their GCSEs at the moment, Dawn decided to stay at home.

The gig was at the West End Centre and featured Bruce Foxton in an acoustic set with Russell Hastings and a young chap (Tom?) on keyboard and tambourine.

Bruce was the bass player in the Jam and, along with Paul Weller, created some of the most iconic songs of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

The gig was very good – I knew quite a few of the songs – but I did have one issue. They claimed to be performing an acoustic set and, yes, Bruce and Russell were playing acoustic guitars but they were plugged into amplifiers which were far too loud, rendering it a non-acoustic set. The beauty of an acoustic gig is that you get to hear the skill of the musician as well as the lyrics of their songs. It was a shame because, clearly, they are both excellent guitarists.

I know it’s my usual complaint but they really need to employ a sound engineer who isn’t deaf.

Still, for all that, it was very enjoyable. It was also fun seeing people in their 40’s and 50’s bopping around like they were teenagers. There was a surprising number of balding men and greying old ladies singing along with the hits.

Bruce Foxton
Bruce Foxton – he doesn’t have pink hair…it’s the lights
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2 Responses to Unexpected gig

  1. Mum says:

    Unexpected outings are always good. He reminds me of Rod Stewart with pink hair hahaha
    Love mum xx

  2. Mum says:

    Forgot to say the garden is looking great what a pain about the fence still never mind now its done bet Emma wonder what’s happened.
    love me again xx

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