The cows are back in town

Emma almost met her first cow today. And would you believe it? She barked at her. To be fair, the cow was quite a distance away and Emma may have thought it was a big dog. Also, I had Emma on her lead so she may have been barking at me.

Who you barking at?

Who you barking at?

There’s been notices around the Park warning that this was about to happen so it wasn’t a surprise. What was a surprise was how they ran from one end of Mugger’s Field to the other, following a ute. We were in front and below the (very tiny) herd and had to time it right in order to avoid both the cows and the vehicle. We managed it and I had Emma safely on her lead before she could say “Moo!”

The ute led them to another field and locked them in so we could continue our walk in peace…from Emma’s bovine hating barking.



Meanwhile, back at home, Chris the Gardener and Mark had been hard at it, cutting and fitting, wetting and trimming. By the end of the day (when Mirinda showed up as a surprise) the lawn was laid and it was pronounced beautiful.



Now I just have to drench it in water every day, three times a day, for two weeks.

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2 Responses to The cows are back in town

  1. fiona says:

    Does it need that much drenching? Ours is buffalow, yours looks great!!

  2. Mum says:

    Looks great but the path looks as if its been damaged or is that just rubbish.
    Love mum xx

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