Teddy bear no more

Emma had her first haircut today. While Mirinda was sad to bid farewell to Emma’s long, thick curls, I was overjoyed at the improvement to her feet. I’m looking forward to no more mud.

What have they done???

What have they done???

Day-z, of course, didn’t have her first haircut and was a lot happier with her new, shaven look.

Yay! No more Gaz Hack.

Yay! No more Gaz Hack.

While that news is rather huge, it’s not quite so huge as the fact that we no longer have a lock-up! Yes, we finally emptied it and cancelled the payments. I’ve been trying to work out how long we’ve had it. I’ve found a blog post, mentioning it in September 2011! Scary. Still, it served it’s purpose well.

After emptying the lock-up, we went up to the Garden Centre to buy some box balls for the side of the steps off the terrace. They will delineate the corners with lavender in between them. I had originally planned to plant them this afternoon but time just slipped away…so I’ll do it tomorrow. It helps that the weather forecast is promising better things for tomorrow. Though I’ll have to fit it around my traditional simnel cake making, seeing as it’s Easter.

Talking of cooking…I created a couple of fig slippers (or moccasins as Mirinda called them) using some leftover puff pastry I had from yesterday. A swipe of raspberry jam, some grated marzipan and three halves of fresh figs, all folded up like a small ballet slipper, baked till nicely browned then served with fresh cream. So much better than just throwing the pastry away. And I do LOVE fresh figs.

Meanwhile, Mirinda spent the day working on her doctorate, which is always a good thing.

Late in the day, I had to rush off to Boots to get Day-z some Piriton to help relieve her itching – she has quite a bad rash on her side which she incessantly scratches. Kate recommended Piriton (with the warning that she isn’t a vet). I looked it up on a vet website and, apparently, as long as the dog is otherwise healthy, half a tablet a day for a small dog can work well. And, to be fair, her scratching started to ease up after I gave her a dose. As long as there’s no ill-effects, I’ll give her the other half tomorrow.

Looking like a sulky teenager, well-trimmed Emma decided to spend the rest of the day, lying on the terrace, just watching us through the glass.

No one's going to think I'm cute any more!

No one’s going to think I’m cute any more!

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3 Responses to Teddy bear no more

  1. Mum says:

    Poor Emma she is right ,she looks all grown up cant be a baby for ever.Day-z must feel a lot better she looks very cute. That’s what you forgot when you were here Gary Charles my Simnel Cake you said you would do before you left.
    Love mum xx

  2. Mum says:

    Forgot to tell you we have this new T V program called Horders its people who have like you a lock up and don’t know what to do with the stuff that’s in it the program is good cant stand the women that does it, some people have them for years spend thousands so they are selling the stuff for them on internet trying to get back there rent for the the lock up.
    mum x

  3. Mirinda says:

    It’s a tragedy! Emma I mean.

    The horders are just weird.

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