Another day

Who’d think the Hop Blossom could change so much. Today it was raining. And this is how it looked:

I might show all three together tomorrow

Who knows what it’ll look like tomorrow?

And the rain kept falling, all day. The garden was a bit of a quagmire, most of which, Emma bought into the house. The puppies are due a haircut tomorrow and I’m hoping that Emma’s feet will stop being hairy mud-sponges. It’s her first haircut (ignoring Mirinda’s attempts to cut out some of the more serious matting) so it might be a bit of a shock for her. And for us, given I think she’ll shrink by two thirds.

Given the weather, naturally we went up to the Garden Centre in order to go a bit mad amongst the foliage. Some lavender, climbers, compost and fencing material (for our soon to be constructed Stick Fence) were just a few of the delights. Here’s just a bit of our bounty:

A few plants

A few plants

Some time last year, we bought a big round concrete bowl. This was going to be our new water feature. We then found the one we ended up using so the round concrete bowl has, basically, sat on the end of the terrace and been used to store bits of broken tile and rat traps. Emma is quite fond of it as well.

As well as the various other flora, Mirinda picked out a few lovely little alpines and prettied up the concrete bowl to serve as an alpine garden. I’m hoping it won’t attract the pixies, knowing how much they love cavorting around little mini-gardens.

The wire thing is to keep Emma off

The wire thing is to keep Emma off

Mirinda had an impromptu Skype session with Bob who was in the middle of a dinner party. He’d made his first roast dinner for guests (lamb and coleslaw) and said it was a success. We didn’t find out whether he made roast potatoes or boiled but he did roast some sweet potato (kumara in Oz-speak), which is always delicious.

In the afternoon, Mirinda, exhausted from her garden exertions, had a granny nap while I took the girls up to the park during a lull in the rain.

A lovely day, culminating in the end of the fruit cake.

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  1. fiona says:

    Love the plants, there’s something therapeutic about gardening!!

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