Level bird bath

When Chris the Gardener dug the Chutney bed, he placed the bird bath in the middle, on top of one of the spare tiles. This was rather good as the bird bath is extremely heavy, as I have mentioned a number of times before. Of course he didn’t do it on his own but enlisted the help of his fellow gardener.

While it was very welcome, the placement wasn’t level. This meant that Mirinda couldn’t see the water as it tilted away from the house. Today I put that right.

Starting with a strong foundation of spare pavers, I levelled off the square, half burying it in the, now clayey soil. It took a while but by the time I’d finished, the bubble in my level was pretty close to perfect.

I carefully placed the tile on top of this solid foundation and walked all over it. Again my level sat true. Next came the positioning of the base. This was a struggle but I managed to lift it up and slowly put it in the (roughly) centre of the tile. Then came the worst bit.

The bird bath top is stupidly heavy. It would support an emu let alone our usual tits and sparrows. I’d used the wheelbarrow to hold it above the ground, making lifting a little easier. I looked at it, gave a testing feel around the edges and tried to lift it straight up. I put it down again and looked at it some more. After a short rest during which my screaming muscles begged for mercy, I tried lifting it sideways and, triumphantly raised it above the height of the base.

And, finally, it was finished. I checked the levels and it was perfect. I filled it with water and it remained level. I had a very happy thumbs up from Mirinda who was watching from a recliner in the extension. This meant she could now see the water.

A much shorter, lighter and easier job was to transplant the poppies that I’d removed from the hot border ahead of the fence erection. They went in without a problem and, hopefully, will survive the trauma.

Someone who did survive the trauma of the last few days was Emma. You’d have no idea that she’d had minor surgery a couple of days ago. She was running around and back to her pesty best today.

Where's my ball?

Where’s my ball?

Outwardly, Day-z wasn’t too happy but I know how much she missed Emma on Monday so reckon it wasn’t very serious.

Why don't you love me?

Why is she such a pain?

Fortunately, the weather was lovely most of the day, wth beautiful spring skies of azure blue and an almost warm sun. The Hop Blossom at the end of Long Garden Walk looked so glorious, I just had to snap a photo of it.

Lots of blue sky

Lots of blue sky

In the afternoon, as grey clouds gathered and rain threatened (but didn’t eventuate), I popped down to Homebase for a vital hose connector. In order to get to Homebase, one can either walk miles around the block, negotiating footpathless sections of busy, narrow roads or walk happily through the hospital carpark and down the hill. I always take the latter option and, in doing so, always pass this rather artistic roundabout.

Farnham Hospital

Farnham Hospital

In the afternoon, I finally made the fruit cake that I’ve been threatening since the weekend and the house was filled with the delicious aroma of a slowly cooking Pound Cake. It was very rich but deliciously fruity.

Rich and fruity

Rich and fruity

Then, for dinner, I invented a new entree. It’s a Jerusalem artichoke and leek gratin sort of thing.

A new entree

A new entree

I’d spotted the Jerusalem artichokes (which have nothing to do with Jerusalem and are not artichokes) in Waitrose this morning and wondered what I could do with them. This was the result. Mirinda said it was delicious.

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  1. Mum says:

    It looks delicious special the cheese, and the cake can smell it from here. You be careful you will give your self a hernia then you’ll know it,should have ask Dave next door to help you. Emma is like a kid soon get over things when they are young.
    Love mum xx


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