New York for the squirrels

This morning, walking back from the shops, I watched as a woman tried, in vain, to get her retriever to come back.

“Sophie!” She yelled, “Sophie, come here!”

Clearly, Sophie was more interested in chasing the squirrels as they darted around the trees and across the path. She was having a terrific time. When I reached her owner she was all exasperation and annoyance.

“It’s the squirrels,” I helpfully said.
“It happens every day on this very spot!” She explained with a lovely Irish lilt. “This little spot is the New York of squirrels!”

I laughed and left her to it.

Today, Emma had to go back to the vet to have her chipped tooth looked at. Though ‘chipped’ doesn’t really give a proper idea of the damage she’s done to her upper canine on the right side. The vet was not happy with it. She warned me about it getting infected and developing an abscess. This isn’t a possibility, it WILL happen, she told me.

Suffice it to say, the tooth will have to come out. This could mean that the bottom canine will grow longer than nature designed and she could possibly have a strange looking jaw. Still, better that than the alternative. It would make life a lot easier if she didn’t chew rocks.

Mind you, her other favourite game is to try and grab the daffodils in her teeth as she runs passed them. While they won’t hurt her teeth, it’s very annoying when we’ve waited since last spring for them to re-appear. They are just starting to spread their own brand of sunshine in front of the office. Perhaps that’s what Emma’s doing: Grabbing her own bit of sunshine.

A daff before Emma

A daff before Emma

After the vet, we went to the Park for a walk (no sign of muggers), giving Mirinda a chance to get a bit of sleep. She’s been struck down with the dreaded lurgy and tries to rest up between phone meetings and document amendment. At least the house is nice and warm.

It wasn’t so warm in the Park although the sun was out and the hail storm we experienced earlier had gone a long way away. (Actually, Mirinda wanted to toss Emma out into the hail to give her the experience but, fortunately, I managed to dissuade her.) Not that the dogs notice the temperature…EVER! They find much more interesting things on our walks. What this was is anyone’s guess.

Something interesting at the stile

Something interesting at the stile

Emma never finds time to get very cold anyway as she’s far too busy running around like a maniac at a gym. She runs so much that her tongue lolls out of her mouth like some long pink snake trying to escape from her mouth. She really has a very long tongue. I’m surprised she can fit it in her mouth.

Avenue of Trees

Avenue of Trees

But the day wasn’t just about daffs and walking and vets, first thing I replanted the pyracanthas and the honeysuckle. The pyracanthas are very spiky and need to be planted with great care. The branches then needed to be spread out along the new fence. I was pricked and scratched a fair few times. Still, it was worth it.



The honeysuckle was much less vicious. Mirinda suggested moving it to climb up the gazebo rather than the fence. Given there’s a Japanese clematis climbing on another leg, they can meet in the middle and create a lovely bit of shade.

Speaking of gardens, we then went up to the Bagshot Lea garden centre to look at trees. The new and improved garden will need some nice new specimens. Sidney was full of a load from the lock-up so there was no fear of buying anything. It was an exploratory mission only. We took no prisoners.

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2 Responses to New York for the squirrels

  1. Mum says:

    Sounds like a good day except for Emma’s tooth.
    love mum xx

  2. Mirinda says:

    What does New York for the squirrels mean?


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