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Before I go on about my day, an update on yesterday’s park mugging. It wasn’t in the cow pasture, as the Bush Telegraph would have us believe. It was on the troll bridge, along the all weather path. It’s a spot where the trees grow close to the path and a popular route into town. To be fair, it’s just around the corner from the entrance to the cow pasture.

It seems that two teenagers mugged a 23 year old lad on his way to work. They sneaked up behind him and took his iPhone and earplugs before divesting him of his bag and running off.

One of the reasons I don’t wear earplugs while walking is because I can’t hear anything going on around me. Clearly this young lad was listening to something personal and didn’t hear the danger. I see a lot of people doing it; listening to something, oblivious to the world around them. Hopefully it was a lesson well learned for the poor victim.

Being Safer Surrey, a member of the public alerted the police and they swooped. The Neighbourhood Watch team, the dog squad and a chopper were all scrambled immediately and the two thieves were apprehended with a swiftness expected of the council rates we pay. While the mugging surprised me, seeing as we live in a very safe part of the world, the quick and decisive response by the police reassured me. Well done!

By the way, the muggers were two teenage losers from Aldershot and somewhere in Berkshire. They were caught and were before a magistrate this morning. A pity the helicopter didn’t drop a piano on them.

So, safe in the knowledge that the status quo had been restored, I set off into London. Mirinda worked from home today so I took the chance to go and tidy the flat.

It was a lovely day (Mirinda actually opened the big glass doors all the way to enjoy the outside inside…though she did wear a fleece because it was still a bit chilly).

It was also quite chilly on the curvy bridge, as usual, as I walked from the Tube to the flat.

The curvy bridge

The curvy bridge

After a shop I set to work on the flat, noting as I arrived that the shop downstairs is being fitted out, finally, for a new occupant. It seems that the Co-op has taken over the lease and will soon be open for business. This is excellent news…in part. It means that access to important supplies will be a lot easier for Mirinda. Unfortunately, it also means that groups of unpleasant youths will once more congregate around the doors.

Anyway, having finished my cleaning (and delicious sushi for lunch), I left the flat at around 3pm for the trip home. My last sight of Canary Wharf…

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf

A little over an hour later, I was back in safe and quiet Farnham.

Long Garden Walk

Long Garden Walk

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  1. Mum says:

    Wow!! hows that for OO 7 action must be the first bit they have all had for ages.
    Nice to know that you have it.
    Love mum xx


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