Farnham Food Festival

Every year there’s one. We almost went to the one this year. To be fair, we did go but we missed it.

We’d spent the day working on various things (Mirinda on her DBA essay and me fiddling with software on the PC) and, by about 4pm were ready for a walk. We bundled the girls into Sidney and set off for Hankley (or Blackdown, as Mirinda insists on calling it now).

We were almost there when the rain started. Mirinda feels like she’s in that early phase of the possibility of the outside chance of a cold, so we decided to drive back home. The poodles were very confused.

Back at the house, Mirinda suggested we walk up to the Avenue of Trees then down to Castle Street for the Food Festival. This sounded like a good idea. The dogs were completely thrown by going into the house then back out without removing their lead.

We had a lovely walk along the trees, chatting with a woman walking a Drontal dog and a Cocker-doodle. It was raining lightly but the trees and an umbrella protected us.

I love it when Castle Street is closed to traffic. There’s always a carnival atmosphere with marquees down both sides and people eagerly inspecting the wares on display. Regardless of the reason, there’s always a beer tent with a healthy crush of thirsty customers and a pork roast with healthy gloops of apple sauce.

We turned into Castle Street off the little lane all expectation and delight. The street was still closed off but everyone was packing up and going home. We’d missed it!

Rather than just turning back and going home, we sat outside Cafe Rouge for a latte before turning back and going home.

There was a HUGE party on Mitchell Island tonight. Hope it was fun. I send our love to Uncle Les & Julie.

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2 Responses to Farnham Food Festival

  1. Mum Cook says:

    There was 115 of us so big it certainly was! Also we all had a great time but missed you two. There is another reunion in two years so maybe you both can make it then.
    Pity you missed the Festival.
    love mum

  2. Claire says:

    I would like to learn a little more of the family reunion, that was a great gathering of 115.Claire


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