Big scary needle

It was so big, the nurse hid it from view. She reckoned it would cause great distress if it was but glimpsed. I glimpsed. She was right. It was VERY big. I’m rather glad I wasn’t getting it shoved into me. When it came down to it, though, it was quick, simple and painless. Or so the look on Carmen’s face appeared to indicate.

The poodles were microchipped today. This is a small electronic device (slightly longer than a grain of rice) which is injected under the skin between the shoulder blades. I held Carmen’s head and the nurse shoved it in. Carmen didn’t move; her tongue kept lapping and her tail didn’t stop wagging. Day-z was exactly the same. I’ve said before how much they like going to the vet, but this was ridiculous.

Anyway, the nurse was very pleased and said what well behaved dogs they are. I gave her a wry smile.

Because they’d been so good, I took them for a long walk around the park where Day-z tried to eat a great Dane and Carmen had an FSI. This meant a bath. Of course.

And then off to the Talking Newspaper to read the Haslemere Herald. As usual it was a lot of fun, featuring, as it has done for the last few times I’ve read, the Dog Poo Fairy, which, apparently, doesn’t exist. There is a campaign on at the moment to educate people to pick up after their dogs and this is their catchy tagline: There is no such thing as the dog poo fairy.

This is, of course, quite cute and isn’t at all excessive. Personally I think a photo of a baby eating a handful of dog poo while sitting in a park with the tagline, “It only looks like chocolate” would be much better. Still. The fairy one is cute, as I said.

The trouble is, they have designed posters and a big ‘advan’ (which is one of those mobile billboard things that drive around the streets) with their cute line and a picture of a Tinkerbell look-a-like flying with a dog poo bag in her hand.

What’s wrong with that? I hear you say. Well, according to the poster, the poo fairy DOES exist. She’s on the advan and the posters; she looks like Tinkerbell. Perhaps a big red cross through her may help.

Anyway, as I say, I have read dog poo fairy stories now for three consecutive issues. Among the blind of the area, I’m going to become known as the dog poo fairy story teller! Which makes me wonder who picks up after a seeing eye dog…or do they make sure they go before they leave home.

Because mum moaned about not being able to see Mirinda on her balcony…here’s a pretty grainy close up of the same photo:

Mirinda on her balcony - the close up

(I’m waiting for Nicktor to arrive, for we are having a Nicktor Night tonight! The first time for a very long time. Excellent.)

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2 Responses to Big scary needle

  1. Claire says:

    I think Carmen and Day-z love everyone including the vet. Great dogs. And I would like to add a “hello” to Karen. Love to you all, Claire

  2. Mum Cook says:

    Thank you for close up and Hello to Karen from me as well.
    Tracey’s dogs love the vet as well.
    love mum

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