Apple cake day

What a day of fun and adventure! Even the weather was marvellous.

Following a news story at Talking Newspaper on Thursday, I decided to try my hand at an apple cake. Apparently they are very big in Poland.

While Mirinda beavered away at her doctorate, I had fun in the kitchen. Soon the extension was full of delightful baking cake smell, tinged with apple. And then, eventually, my first ever apple cake emerged from the oven.

Tasted nicer than it looks

Tasted nicer than it looks

We had a couple of warm slices after lunch. The verdict was very favourable. I was going to take a piece across the road to Fiona (I’d spoken to her earlier and she’d confessed that she loved apple cake) but they’d all gone out for the day.

Before lunch, Mirinda had been on the phone with Mini Nick, bargaining away, trying to get the best price for our new car. Apparently we are really lucky. There’s a special sale on this weekend, giving us an even better price. We came to a consensus on price and said we’d be over at 3pm to sign whatever needed to be signed and pay whatever needed to be paid.

We tried not to talk too much about the new car while Sidney took us across to Hindhead for fear of upsetting her. Also I don’t want Aunt Vera’s ghost to follow us. Given the amount of technology in the new car, she’d play merry hell, I’m sure.

About an hour later, the deed had been done. Our new car should be ready in about six weeks. We were both very happy.

We decided to make the puppies very happy as well by heading out to the Devil’s Punchbowl for a lovely walk around the old A3.

Down into the Punchbowl

Down into the Punchbowl

It was quite crowded – the day being gorgeous and a Saturday – but that didn’t spoil it. Of course a lot of people stopped and admired our little fluff ball. She, in turn, posed as often as she could in order to draw as much praise and admiration as possible. I really think she knows how cute she is.


While the wind was doing its best to blow away any atmospheric pollutants, the views were a bit hazy. Even so, they were still beautiful. I always love the view down to the old road when it’s dotted with walkers and their dogs.

The old A3

The old A3

When we walked over to Gibbett Hill we noticed a digger, kids swarming over it like some sort of construction themed playground. With complete and delightful disregard for health and safety, the kids were having a ball. I overheard one little chap asking his mum if they could make it work. When she said no and he asked why not, she told him that she didn’t have the key. This seemed to mollify him, though he was a bit disappointed.

Health and Safety nightmare

Health and Safety nightmare

Of course, Emma managed to find a muddy puddle and ran through it a number of times, just to irritate me and Day-z ran around a bit, telling her off. Basically, the puppies had a glorious time.

Two very happy dogs

Two very happy dogs

Then, to top off a perfect day, I made cutlets.

I’ve never made cutlets before. They were one of Claire’s signature dishes. I have no idea how she made hers so I made up my own version. They weren’t as good, leaving room for improvement. Still, they made a nice change and, eventually with a bit of experimentation, they may become part of the Chez Gaz menu.

The apple cake dessert was lovely though.

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  1. Mum says:

    What a great day first the new Car then wonderful walk and very happy puppies so that is the next thing you have to make for me Apple cake. Lovely day.
    Love mum xx

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