Back on the air

I haven’t been to Talking Newspaper for about a year. What with all the upheaval of everything that happened last year, I had to take a year off. Today was my first session back.

I was presenting the Alton edition which means a late start so I took the girls up to the park very early. They didn’t care. They like a walk at any time. If I was to go and grab their leads and collars at 2am, they’d be instantly awake and ready for a romp through the pitch black woods. Not that I would. I mean, I’m not one of the Crazies.

The one thing that happens when you take them for an early walk is that Emma manages to absorb all the frost with her hairy feet. Though a lot better than mud (obviously) it does mean a good towelling down when we get home. And it’s not just her feet. She runs so much that she also gets a wet chest. Pest of a dog. Sedate Day-z, of course, has perfectly dry feet when we get home.

It was eventually time to go and I realised this would be the longest I’ve ever left Emma (albeit with Day-z for company). The Talking Newspaper takes me about five or six hours on a good day (today WAS a good day). I’m happy to report that she was fine. It was as if I’d been gone for ten minutes.

Also, we were worried that the dogs just sat on the stairs for the entire time they’re left alone but this isn’t the case. As I left the park for our street I could hear Emma’s distinctive bark coming from the side of the house.

Also distinctive was my presentation of the Alton edition. It was as if I’d never stopped doing it. Not that I was at all worried about it. I mean, entertaining is entertaining and I love entertaining. Actually, if anything, I was cheekier than usual…probably because I was making up for lost time.

My favourite story had to be the one about the leak in the Phoenix theatre roof. The thing I love about local newspapers is the wonderful non-stories they include every now and then. This story concerned a cracked tile on the roof of the theatre and the efforts of one guy to get people to donate to getting it repaired. He was successful. And it was repaired. That was the story. Naturally, I started it by saying the headline should read “Roof leaked…then fixed.” I made everyone laugh.

Actually there was a lot of laughter which Mike (the engineer) said he’d missed over the last 12 months. I almost cracked Lindsey up at one point and then engaged Di in a conversation about whether a particular theatre company was called ‘Wholly Ridiculous’ or ‘Holy Ridiculous’, taking her by surprise. It was the latter, which gave me the perfect oportunity to sign off with a perfectly delivered “Holy Ridiculous, Batman!”

It was lovely how everyone (the ones I knew, anyway) welcomed me back with mock insults, genuine pleasure and questions about our new extension. It felt like coming home. Sort of.

And I only made one mistake and that was because I couldn’t read my own writing. It was a lovely edition. I have to do it all over again next Thursday because I made a swap with another presenter but I don’t mind. It’s always fun.

I managed to get home by 6pm (I had to go shopping on the way home) which was handy because a guy was coming to collect our old coffee table which I’d offered on Freecycle. He was very appreciative…even with the nail polish remover stain on the top.

And, to top off this most perfect of days, Mirinda came home tonight.

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2 Responses to Back on the air

  1. Mirinda says:

    Sounds great fun I’m sure they missed you a lot

  2. Mum says:

    Yes I agree a lot of fun,a whole year! didn’t seem that long but I bet it did to you its nice to know you can leave the dogs know.
    love mum xx

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