The big white dog

What a miserable weather day! Apart from about 20 minutes of sunshine this afternoon, it has been a day of fine, misty rain. Fortunately I didn’t need to go out in it…much.

Today at Waitrose I talked to Julie who, after pitying me for having to walk in the rotten weather, told me she hadn’t talked to her daughter for eight years! She didn’t tell me why but she added that she was about to stop talking to her brother as well. She says she hates her inability to forgive but can’t help it. I think that’s very sad. Apart from talking to Mirinda on the phone and the poodles, she was the only person I really talked to today. I think that’s a bit sad, too. I’d much rather talk to someone who makes me laugh.

Back at home, I busied myself sanding back, cleaning down and priming the bedroom window (FINALLY, shrieks Mirinda) in preparation for a coat of gloss tomorrow before I go into London. Hopefully the room won’t stink of paint tonight or I’ll have to sleep in Nicktor’s bed.

I then took the girls for a walk through the park. As we strolled along we were joined by a big white dog. He was nonchalantly wandering along, ahead of his owners. Of course, Carmen and Day-z had to abuse him in their usual way. He just stared down at them like a moose trying to work out what a mouse is. Eventually the girls grew bored of yapping and snapping and generally being unpleasant with wagging tails and decided to walk with me.

The big white dog (called Leonard) kept up with us, the poodles watching him warily, he ignoring them. It was amazing how they started acting like he wasn’t there. Whenever they ran off to chase a falling leaf or sniff at some strange animals droppings, Leonard would jog up, pointedly not looking at them, and act all superior as he seemed to be implying that it was just a leaf. And a sycamore at that.

I’ve never seen the poodles act like this. They clearly saw him as superior to them after their original exchange of yappy barks and then stopped being wary or running around him. Pity it doesn’t happen all the time, I say.

Back home I attacked the weeds around the kitchen and cut down the straight branches of the twisty bush (if you don’t cut the straight branches off, the whole thing acts like a sprung spring and goes straight instead of twisty…or so Mirinda claims) in the light misty rain. A pleasant if somewhat industrious day.

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2 Responses to The big white dog

  1. Mum Cook says:

    Gary Charles! You said you did not talk to anyone, only Mirinda, the girl at Waitrose and the poodles. Well, what are dad and I!! And we all had a good laugh. Cheek love mum

  2. Claire says:

    The big white dog sounds very entertaining. And the poodles must make you happy. I guess we all have days like that. Claire

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