Still windy

It was still blowing a gale today. And it was icy cold. At least it blew away the rain that was with us when we walked to the station first thing. In fact, the wind blew away everything but the blue sky.

I had a rather interesting day of research and purchase. Firstly I looked at flights for Denise and Trace for their Scandi-Europe Tour later in the year and, secondly, I bought a whole load of furniture.

The nest of tables and red cupboard were both easy enough but the linen press required a bit of back and forth to work out delivery and associated costs (it was off ebay, after all). Still, by the end of the day, the buying was done.

And, of course, we went for a lovely walk in the Park. I say ‘lovely’ but it was awfully cold in the wind. I think the temperature (without the wind) was about 8 but it plummeted to about -20 when the wind blew. That might be a slight exaggeration but, suffice it to say, I could have done with a second fleece.

Wind blown Emma

Wind blown Emma

We’ve had quite a wet winter this year and the Avenue of Trees is pretty much a replica of our back garden before we had the path. The mud is so bad that the truck that usually collects rubbish from the many conveniently placed bins (usually full of dog poo bags) has not been able to drive along it. Not because of any problems with the truck, you understand. Rather, the Ranger is well aware of what happened when the circus chewed up the top field a few years ago and figured it best to let nature alone for a bit.

This has meant that the bins have been wrapped in garbage bags with signs on each side and on the top, asking people to use the bins at the ends of the Avenue. You’d think that would work, wouldn’t you? Particularly in an affluent town like Farnham. However, and sadly, it appears that illiteracy in this lovely old market town, is rife. Or could it simply be laziness? Surely not.

Illiterate dog walkers

Illiterate dog walkers

And the wind just makes it worse with green plastic bags full of poo scattering in the gusts because of the Everest like piles on the tops of them. Seriously, people can be so inconsiderate.

But enough of that. We had a lovely walk made even better by Emma NOT rubbing herself in the mud or diving into puddles. Any mud she did collect on her super absorbent legs, fell off during her over energetic runs.

Both of them

No bath required

The other big thing I did today was hang Mirinda’s guitar n the extension. I have researched what the best guitar hanging system was and discovered the Hercules brand. All the forums I found stated it was the best.

Incidentally, I was astounded by the amount of people who have an entire wall of guitars at home. This was evidenced by the many photos showing them off to the world of forum readers. At first I thought they were photos of music shops but, no, they were private homes.

But, excessive or not, the Hercules hanger is superb and really did the job. So, thank you, all you crazy guitar collectors out there.

Hanging around

Musical instrument as decoration

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  1. Mum says:

    What a great idea looks just great in that corner,so good to see Emma nice and clean with Day-Z .
    love mum xxx

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