Let Boney have it!


Another big day in Farnham but first thing, a trip to Homebase for paint and a few hardware things. Also a car rug for Neville – nice blue and yellow tartan one for only £18. And then it was on to the Battle of Waterloo.


What excellent fun. Much better than yesterday. For a start there were far more people there which gave it a lot of atmosphere though it did mean we had kids in front of us, spoiling the view.


I stood in a bar-b-q queue for an age waiting for a pissy sausage. Pathetic. All kids trying to cook over coals.

After the Battle we went for a drive then back through Odiham for a coffee at Next Door at the George. We were only home for half an hour and then it was back to the Park for the concert.

We expected there to be masses of people after the crowd at the Battle. There was about ten. This did grow to maybe 30 by the end.

Mirinda on the new blanket

Mirinda on the new blanket

It was a bit weird. The band didn’t play the songs advertised. This angered one women in the audience so much that she was compelled to yell “Play something we know!”

The mayor was there and he got up and sang Jerusalem with the soloist, whose name kept mysteriously changing. It was all very weird. Though the beer was good.


I was thinking of joining the re-enactment group – the 88th Foot Soldiers – but it’s a bit pricey.

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