Gate Street Barn is a fantastic venue. Buried deep in the Surrey countryside, hidden away from everything yet still reasonably close to civilisation. Actually, that’s not altogether true. It’s nowhere near civilisation.

It’s a wedding venue, among other things, and today it played host to Stevie & Lara. And what a day. Yesterday it rained and the BBC was promising all sorts of wetness for Saturday but, according to Stevie, he paid a load of Chinese engineers to seed the clouds away and, voila! Sunshine and blue skies. Funny how people say ‘skies’ when there’s only one.

Linda was a tad annoying in getting us to Bramley. For some reason she figured it would be a terrific idea to take us via Guildford. She was pretty wrong. Guildford on a Saturday afternoon is NOT very nice.

Even with Linda’s best efforts, we managed to get to the wedding before the bride. I was thinking this was our first wedding since arriving in England but, of course, it’s not. We went to Nicole and Luke’s way back along time. It marked our only trip through Croydon. We were forever blighted and will more than likely never go again.

We also went to Oxford to see Ben & Monali married. And, when we really thought about it, it seemed we’d attended more weddings over here than back in Australia. Quite odd.

Still, it was lovely seeing Stevie finally married. Of course the bride was as lovely as all brides are, the speeches were funny without any rude surprises, it was all very traditional even though it contained nothing about god…except the time the father of the bride mentioned him.

Something Mirinda asked was why celebrants face the people and the couple face the front. In a church, this makes sense. After all you are pledging your troth in his sight and need to face him (at the altar) but when the ceremony is not religious, it would be much nicer if the guests could see the couple and not the celebrant. One of those odd things we seem to cling to for no reason other than it’s what everyone does. Still…apart from the fact that we couldn’t hear anything, it was a lovely non-religious wedding, and they both looked lovely.

It was a great afternoon and we left them to it, asking Linda to direct us home. This she could do, without going via Guildford.

Mr & Mrs Beattie

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7 Responses to Wedding

  1. Claire says:

    Lara & Steve look very happy and very beautiful. I really enjoy weddings especially the ones I help arrange. Love to you all. Claire

  2. Mum Cook says:

    They look very happy and the bride is lovely. Did you not stay for the reception. Looking forward to Uncle Les and Julie’s wedding and seeing everyone. Kay got here yesterday then a slow drive to Tara. love mum

  3. admin says:

    Yes, we stayed for the reception. Did I not mention the food? Ah, no, I didn’t. Prawns, followed by chicken, followed by cheesecake. I think I am the only person (apart from my father) who hates cheesecake.


  4. Mum Cook says:

    Lovely photos wish there was one of you and Mirinda could you dress up again and take one please haha
    Yes your father said hope we dont get Cheesecake at the wedding. love mum

  5. Claire says:

    Gary, you have not tasted Fiona’s cheesecake. The recipe handed from Pat Cross ,”Mehii”, New Angledool. Claire

  6. admin says:

    I will reserve judgement until I have tasted Fiona’s then…


  7. Nicole says:

    Wonderful photo gazman xx

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