Final day

And so…my last full day in Queensland.

When I went for my usual latte, I was surprised that the woman who seems to run the place actually remembered me. For most of my visit, they haven’t had any hazelnut syrup so I’ve been forced into having vanilla instead. Then, this morning, when I ordered vanilla, she suddenly threw her arms up and said she had some hazelnut.

Surprised, I cheered and thanked her. I then told her it was my last day. Her face changed from smile to vague disappointment. She asked where I was off to. I told her London and she shivered, saying I’ll miss the heat of Queensland. I laughed ironically.

Mum and I went to Sunland to pick up some things she’d had on order and she bought me a t-shirt (and a top for herself) as well as some last minute shopping.

At about 4:30, Denise turned up straight from work followed by Tracey and Bob. Mum was making dinner for us all and Tracey insisted on the three of us posing for a new photograph to match the one from about ten years ago taken at Basildon. She reckoned we’d aged a bit. I claimed, apart from my Ecuadorian hat, I didn’t look any different…except I was sober, of course.

We had a lovely dinner with chips oven cooked in mum’s space age, NASA designed oven chip tray. Denise and I rather enjoyed this hi-tech bit of kitchenware.

Finally, we found ourselves waiting outside for my coach pickup to the airport. Tearful hugs, kisses and farewells and I was welcomed into the air conditioned comfort of the bus and we drove away.

I’m going to miss staying with Mum; it’s been a lovely two weeks. I’m not going to miss the incessant heat!

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2 Responses to Final day

  1. Mum says:

    Yes it was a lovely last day of your holiday and I miss you very much.
    Love mum xx

  2. Mirinda says:

    This time you’re not wearing an Ecuador hat. But it does look like you’re wearing a Japanese fan on your head!

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