The real trip to Positano

Having just read your blog on our visit to Positano I need to tell the true story.

I was interested in going to Positano, and was assured by Mirinda that we could catch a ferry there. This would be a pleasant trip with magic scenery and the ferry would land us at the bottom of the cliff and take us back from there with little need to climb up very far. Then we were told the ferry was not running and we would have to go by bus.

This dampened our enthusiasm somewhat, but AFTER DISCUSSION we decided to go. The bus trip was very scenic following a twisty road along the edge of the cliff. Mirinda spent the whole trip looking at the other (boring) side, terrified to look at the magnificent coastline.

We did get out at the top and did not realise that other passengers waited on the other side of the road as there was a bus which did the loop down to the bottom and back ( a fail for Mirinda’s iPhone). The walk down (about 2 km) was pleasant in spite of Mirinda’s constant complaints of no way back, no loo, no food etc.

Everything appeared to be closed but we passed a small shop and I suggested to Mirinda that she could ask about Mirinda’s worries. The lady did serve us with coffee (cold) ham cheese & tomato rolls (very good) and let us use her loo (relief for Mirinda). This shop closed at 14.00 & it was already past that. They locked up and left us to finish our lunch on a table outside.

We continued our walk to the bottom, with Mirinda complaining that the bus could not get all the way down and we would have to walk some distance back up the hill to catch it. A G&T gave her some Dutch courage, and we walked up just a few steps to the bus stop. A very pleasant day was had by all (or by me anyway).

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2 Responses to The real trip to Positano

  1. Mirinda says:

    So many inaccuracies

  2. Mum says:

    Good on you Bob. I do half believe you but I think with Mirinda this time. Sorry, love Josie

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