Missing dad

Christmas Day with the Hassells was lovely. I had the assistance of Jason (my new sous chef) and Lauren in the preparation and cooking…and Lauren did a fabulous job on the menu board.

Board by Lauren

You can see she’s included Emma. She wanted to draw Day-z as well but the black chalk pen didn’t work so well on the black board. I don’t want to change it now! My scrawl is never a problem for erasure. I might just leave it for a while.

First up, Bob came over and, the day being so beautiful, he and Mirinda took the dogs to Hankley. I feel I should mention that this is the first Christmas in the UK that I remember it being a blue sky day. No rain. An amazing surprise.

I also managed a brief Skype with Mum to wish her Merry Christmas (she’d had a lovely lunch with Tracey, Bob and Mitchie) before heading into the kitchen to start things off.

And it all went with only one hitch. For some reason, the usually reliable St Stephen’s pudding didn’t work. But, other than that disappointment, the rest went very well. The turkey was delicious, the veg perfect, especially the Parma-snips. In place of the sad pudding, we cut the Christmas cake and had it with the rum sauce. It was perfect…if I do say so myself. It’s always a bit of a gamble that the cake’s going to work. And, gloriously, it did.

The whole day was lovely though I did get a bit weepy about Dad. I had to keep thinking about other things. Like the presents…there were a lot of lovely presents. The Hassells were very generous.

And then, to top it all off, Fiona cleaned up the kitchen for me. I had a dishwasher AND a dish washer. I felt very spoiled. Particularly given I didn’t feel like doing it myself.

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5 Responses to Missing dad

  1. hat says:

    What a lovely Christmas and you all look good in the photo, Bob just came to see if I wanted anything up the shops so showed him your photo he said very nice they look as if the had a good time.. Give my love to all.
    Love mum xxxxx

  2. Mirinda says:

    That has to be next years calendar shot

  3. Mirinda says:

    The parsnips were unrecognisably good. I’m sure all the goodness had been extracted.
    Fi was a bit nervous about cleaning the kitchen as you’d made such a fuss earlier in the week – but she snuck in and did it anyway.

  4. Mirinda says:

    I’m sorry about Fred. At Least he made his 60th wedding anniversary. I missed mum as well.

  5. Aunty Jan says:

    Glad your Christmas was great Gary and Mirinda. Love A.Jan


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